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Concert Live Audience
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     6 Bands, 6 Conservatories, 6 Pop stages
6 Cities, 1 Week !



 A unique collaboration between 6  Dutch conservatories with a Pop department to give their selected bands the opportunity to present themselves live on stage throughout the Netherlands.

The first edition in March 2022 was a big success, so continuation was immediately decided.

The tour includes 6 shows and will visit the 6 Pop stages in Tilburg, Rotterdam, Enschede, Haarlem, Amsterdam and Utrecht during 1 week ( 20-26 march 2023)

Every Conservatory selects 1 band/act to participate in the tour,

so every show will present these 6 bands.

PopCollegeTour  is initiated by ArtEZ Popacademie, Enschede.

Here are the dates, venues and cities:

20-3-23 :  013, Tilburg

21-3-23 : Bird, Rotterdam

22-3-23 : Metropool, Enschede

23-3-23 : Q-Factory, Amsterdam

24-3-23 : Patronaat, Haarlem

26-3-23 : Ekko, Utrecht.

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